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This page has a collection of our videos. There are more videos in the tutorials section.

Stone and Ash: Bizen Potter Taku Mamoru

This is a short form documentary about Bizen Potter Taku Mamoru who has been making pottery for over 40 years in the countryside of Okayama, Japan.

Posted on 2023.04.06 more

Ledlenser Ambassador Suzuki Hitoshi

A promotional movie to introduce Ledlenser’s new fishing ambassador Suzuki Hitoshi! What an experience wading out in the river at night to film this.

Posted on 2022.11.06 more

Ledlenser Ambassador Ogawa Souta

A promotional movie to introduce Ledlenser’s new running ambassador Ogawa Souta! This project had us climbing the mountains of Yamanashi Prefecture!

Posted on 2022.03.15 more

WORLD-AC 2021 – New Team PV

We produced a new promotional movie for WORLD-AC racing team. It was a great project that pushed our creative film making to new heights.

Posted on 2021.08.21 more

Ledlenser Power UP PV – Fireworks

A promotional video for Ledlenser Japan to showcase their work line of headlamps and lights. We would like to thank Morikami Enka for their help with production.

Posted on 2021.04.05 more

Ledlenser Power UP PV – Bouldering

A promotional video for Ledlenser Japan to showcase their outdoor line of headlamps. We would like to thank Rocks Climbing Gym for their support in the production.

Posted on 2021.04.03 more

Ledlenser – Ledlenser Connect APP PV

Promotional video for Ledlenser’s new Connect app and some of the new products that become enhanced when used with the new cutting-edge app.


Posted on 2021.03.26 more

DAIYA工業 – DARWING Hakobelude PV –

We produced this promotional move for Daiya Kogyo’s Hakobelude lifting assist brace that reduces strain on the back and provides assistance when lifting heavy objects

Posted on 2021.03.20 more

Ozaki & Sons Co., Ltd.

We produced a short promo for a denim producer in Okayama, Japan. Ozaki & Sons turns denim dreams into reality by creating products for some big brands.

Posted on 2020.12.10 more

Led Lenser Outdoor Promo

We shot this back in early 2020 for Led Lenser Japan. The movie focuses on their updated and powerful outdoor line of quality flashlights and headlamps.

Posted on 2020.10.13 more

Night Riders

We tried filming the exact moment a bio-luminescent ostracod releases its colorful display. Their tiny size made it near impossible but we did have some success

Posted on 2019.08.31 more

History & Simple promo video

We produced this video for History & Simple. They make a line of clothing for people in the rehabilitation industry who need maximum freedom of movement

Posted on 2019.08.02 more

Paralympian Sae Shigemoto video

Meet badass sprinter and Paralympian Sae Shigemoto. Her determination and strength were rewarded with a bronze medal at the Rio Paralympic Games and the 2017 World ParaAthletics Championships.

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Yuka Nakano

Adaptive Swimmer Yuka Nakano

Here is a short video to show some of the video footage and images we captured during our time with adaptive swimmer Yuka Nakano.

Posted on 2019.07.30 more

Toru Gappai Osugi highline

Gappai finally completes a highline he has dreamed about since he started slackline.

Posted on 2017.10.24 more

Climbing in Ojigadake!

This is a video from December 2015 when climbing sensation Rei Sugimoto was in Okayama to set routes for a climbing competition.

Posted on 2016.07.21 more
ELD Products

ELD Interior Products.

We recently produced this video for ELD Interior Products. Check it out and as usual you are welcome to share it via the social network buttons to the left.

Posted on 2016.07.20 more

VTR for the Shopping Channel

A few months back we produced a short 30 seconds video for a Japanese shopping channel with our long term clients Daiya.

Posted on 2016.02.09 more

Amazing Okayama Light Painting Seminar!

As many of you know, we hosted a light painting seminar in Okayama, Japan on September 27th. I hope we can continue this tradition for many more years!

Posted on 2015.09.28 more

Drone Crash

A couple of weeks back we had a shoot in the countryside of Okayama, at a peach farm that we’re making a promotional video for.

Posted on 2015.09.03 more

Mammut Festival 2015 Day 1

We produced the video for the Mammut Festival that took place in Kurashiki, Japan in April. We have handed them over to the client so we can finally post them here.

Posted on 2015.06.04 more

The Hat Man

Here is a vid produced for a local hand made hat manufacturer. This was a collaboration between Decho Hats and Beams, which is a high-end select shop.

Posted on 2015.04.17 more

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