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About TDUB Photo

Tdubphoto is fully equipped commercial photo and video company based in Okayama, Japan. Passion is what drives Canadian photographer Trevor Williams and British videographer Jonathan Galione who both enjoy bringing their unique creative view to a wide variety of projects.

Trevor Williams

Trevor arrived in Japan in 2001. He has worked professionally since 2009 and shoots everything from domestic commercial work to creative stock, as well as news and reportage for Getty Images. He loves anything with a shutter button and when he is not working he prefers to be somewhere outdoors.


Jonathan Galione

Jonathan came to Japan in 2012, but he has been working as a professional cameraman since 2005, working on movies, commercials and dramas all over the globe. Jonathan loves technology and learning about new techniques and how to implement them into Tdubphoto’s work.




It comes with great pleasure to announce that Trevor Williams has become the official Japanese LED Lenser Ambassador! LED Lenser is the world leader in handheld torches and other products. They have started an Ambassador program with 7 Ambassadors spread across the globe. He is honored to be selected for Japan and to be part of such an amazing team of talented artists. LED Lenser Japan has outfitted him with a whole new set of tools to push the limits of light painting and night photography.

このたび光栄なことにフラッシュライトで世界的に有名なメーカーLED Lenser (レッドレンザー)の日本オフィシャルアンバサダーに任命されました。世界で7名任命された中の1人として、とても光栄に思います。早速数々のライトがLED Lenser Japanより送られてきました。高性能のライトにより、よりよいライトペインティングやナイトフォトグラフィーが撮影できます。今後の撮影がとても楽しみです。

LED Lenser makes the finest handheld torches on the planet. They have kindly supported what we do and have been a vital partner of ours. We have been using their lights since 2008 and are proud to be working closely with them.

We’ve been using DJI equipment professionally now since 2013, so we’re super excited to be working alongside them now to produce content. DJI make a range of drones and camera stabilizers that take our work to a higher level, both figuratively and literally.


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