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Drone Crash

September 3, 2015

A couple of weeks back we had busy day with back to back shoots in the morning and afternoon.

The afternoon shoot was out in the countryside of Okayama, at a peach farm that we’re making a promotional video for.

We took all of our toys along, including the Dji Ronin, Dji phantom 2 and the Blackmagic production camera 4K, however the one thing we (*Trevor ) forgot to take was our GoPro for the Phantom.

Luckily for us the owner of the farm had his very own, brand new Dji Phantom 3, which he offered to let us fly. Usually I would’ve been the one to fly the drone, but on this occasion I was also doing an on site edit so that the client could see the video before we left, which left the flying responsibilities down to Trevor. Check the video below to see just how well he did….


crash from jon trevor on Vimeo.

Luckily the drone survived, and the only thing damaged was Trevor’s ego. 🙂

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