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Sachi Amma

It was a pleasure to meet and photograph the worlds number 2 ranked outdoor climber, Sachi Amma. He won the 2012 and 2013 world cup lead climbing competitions cementing his place as the worlds best indoor climber before focusing on the great outdoors. He has climbed over ten routes this year alone!

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So a few rock climbers came down to Okayama to take a shot at Karachi. An unforgiving climbing route that only a handful of people(7 to be exact) have been able to climb. We were asked to document it and of course we jumped at the chance. We look forward to posting some of the shots we got this day!

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Mammut Festival 2015 Day 1

We produced the video for the Mammut Festival that took place in Kurashiki, Japan in April. We have handed them over to the client so we can finally post them here.

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Mammut Festival Portraits

So we covered the photos and video for the Mammut Festival 2015 in Okayama, Japan. The climbing event included a lead climbing competition on the Saturday at Rocks Climbing Gym in Kurashiki and a bouldering seminar at the Yakage boulders on the Sunday.
As part of our video coverage we took a series of portraits of the 5 pro climbers that were down for the weekend. The idea was then to add a parallax effect and use them in the intro. The climbers set the lead climbing routes for the competition on the Saturday and then taught the seminars on the Sunday. As you can see below it was quite an amazing group of climbers who have all competed at an international level and many of them are current Japanese National team members.
Tamotsu Sugino (杉野保)

Yuka Kobayashi (由佳小林)

Rei Sugimoto (杉本怜)

Akito Matsushima (松島暁人)

Takeshi Itoh (伊藤剛史)

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for the video which should be coming soon. You can see how these photos were an integral part of the intro.
Any questions about the gear or lighting hit us up in the comments and feel free to share this post via the buttons on the left!

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Thanks Arcteryx!

During December Arcteryx reached out and offered us a harness. It started as a random online comment by Arcterys staff on a photo Trevor posted that turned out to be a very pleasant reality. 2 weeks later after the initial comment an M270 harness showed up at tdubphoto headquarters.

It was a much needed piece of kit with many climbing shoots coming up in early 2015 that made it such a cool surprise. We were able test it out good and proper just days after getting it at Bicchu in Okayama. Bicchu is world famous climbing area located right in our prefecture. We were shooting climbers during the day and had some proof-of-concept shots to do at night for an upcoming project that shall remain a secret for now! First order of business on this day was to climb up and find a decent shooting spot around the halfway point on the wall.

Arcteryx asked me what type of harness we wanted and I expressed what would be ideal for a photographer rather than a climber. I do climb but I really needed something that I could spend extended periods of time in to photograph climbing sports. They recommended the M270 which is a slow ascent ice climbing harness.

I can honestly say this harness was insanely comfortable. The leg supports were broad and made of breathable mesh fabric and the waistband was also quite broad and well padded for comfort. I was up there for such a long time and never felt any discomfort. If you are looking for a great multi-purpose harness then I recommend the Arcteryx M270

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