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Sea fireflies


Trevor had a go at them last year and we knew right away that there were a lot more creative ways to cover this subject.


The 2015 season has rolled around and we are now going to tackle these guys in a more creative way. The first thing is dialing in on a process for catching them. These guys are not naturally on the beach at night just chilling. Well, they are to some degree, but the numbers are not enough to add up to a work of art.


So we need to catch them first. That is the secret. But its really not that difficult. All you need is a jar with a lid and a bit of ham. Just put s a few holes in the lid and chuck in a piece of ham. Tie a string to the jar and toss it into the sea a couple metres from the shore. It really does not need to go far and filling it up with sea water first will help it sink. Wait for 20-30 minutes and pull it ashore. Dump that water out on the beach and you should see some blue dots glowing.


Alternate focus


Again focus on the beach but no where near enough sea fireflies.


We are just getting started on this process. Hopefully we can dial in on some creative images. Any questions on what we have done so far hit us up in the comments!

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