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Quicktip! Shutter releases


Shutter releases! What’s the deal? Too long that it hangs down by your feet but too short to use as a regular remote for when you need to be in the picture. I don’t get it. Who chose this length? It just dangles around in the dark just above ground level. I got sick of searching around in pitch black under my tripod looking for the switch so I came up with a way to fix this problem. Check out the video below for our solution.

So basically, I suggest shortening the cord. It is really easy to do. In the handle with the switch there are only 2 points that need to be soldered. If it is a timer remote there will be 3. Soldering is easy and the whole thing can be done in five minutes. Just open up the handle with the switch. I think there is only 1 screw. Use the soldering iron to melt the solder on the 2 connections so the wires can be removed. Cut the cord to 30-40cm or what ever you want and then peel back the cover on the wires. You dont need to peel back a lot. Then just reconnect them with solder. All done. Here is another post on hacking shutter release cables that might be worth reading before doing this. Any other ideas for shutter release cables? Any questions? Just leave them in the comments below.

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