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Light Painting Seminar in Okinawa

October 18, 2016

We are pleased to announce another fall light painting seminar in Okinawa, Japan. The beginner course will be on December 10th and an advanced class on December 11th. To participate in the Advanced class you must have participated in one of our previous light painting seminars.

At the introduction course we will be covering long exposure and night photography essentials. Learn how to make an image rather than take an image. Use time and light to build up your picture from a black canvas into exactly what you envisioned.
We will dive into light painting and other creative techniques. I will reveal some of my secrets and show you step by step how to create amazing light paintings. You’ll also learn how to make custom tools and use them creatively.

The advanced course gets even deeper. Covering all aspects of light painting. This course has been epic every year and look forward to this night the most!

This year we are lucky to have some door prizes supplied by LED Lenser and some others to be announced soon.

December 10th 3PM to 11PM
Class Size: Max 12 Location: Motobu
Instructors: Trevor Williams & Chris Willson
Price US$200

December 11th 6PM to 11PM
Class Size: Max 12 Location: Yomitan
Instructors: Trevor Williams & Chris Willson
Price US$100

Contact Chris ( for a Paypal request, payment reserves your spot on the course.

Below are some images captured by students from previous seminars.

14329922_1441268299221373_3258136971492699945_n 14390985_1441268305888039_5196145301057386936_n 14390715_1441268212554715_4443740778443793316_n

14370443_1441268185888051_7054603341921977980_n 14368747_1441268182554718_2569682580984470998_n

14358729_1441268249221378_4653391073654469328_n 14355683_1441268269221376_6859882055337349814_n 14333092_1441268175888052_7343379919741246978_n

Hope to see you there!

If you need any assistance with travel arrangements let us know.


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LED Lenser makes the finest handheld torches on the planet. They have kindly supported what we do and have been a vital partner of ours. We have been using their lights since 2008 and are proud to be working closely with them.

We’ve been using DJI equipment professionally now since 2013, so we’re super excited to be working alongside them now to produce content. DJI make a range of drones and camera stabilizers that take our work to a higher level, both figuratively and literally.


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