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Dicks everywhere!!


Japan is Buddhist country and has temples and shrines for everything. Included in these are several fertility shrines buried deep in their forests. They are hidden due to the embarrassing nature of the visitors. People that usually come here to pray are having trouble conceiving.

We stumbled across this one randomly while searching a map for a dark location to shoot some night imagery. As we made our way down a narrow lane we were greeted by this well endowed fellow. Needless to say, we quickly parked the car to see what we had stumbled upon.


We climbed a set of steps to find this shed full of hand carved wooden dicks to the left. People whittle these and bring them here for the priest to bless and pray upon. Many of them were up-cycled house items like wheelbarrow handles etc.





The main temple was home to the grand altar that was covered in premium wooden dicks.


As we were leaving I discovered this beautiful broken doll tucked away in the under growth.


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