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LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3

The LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3 is one of the most advanced and flexible camera intervalometers. It was developed “Made in Germany” by Gunther Wegner, one of the pioneers of timelapse photography and designed with the needs of professional timelapse photographers and ambitious amateurs in mind.

The LRT Pro Timer is a small and light intervalometer with a build in Li-Ion Battery which can be charged via USB and holds up to 20 hrs. It has a crisp OLED display which is readable in all conditions and a single knob for easy and ergonomic operation – even in the dark and with gloves. It supports two cameras, timed and periodic shooting, improved support for Mirrorless Cameras, Flashlight feature for foreground illumination and most important: it allows you to shoot with the shortest dark times possible. That means your camera will be operable while shooting!

Intervals are adjustable in 0.1 second increments. Interval ramping allows smooth adjustment of the interval over an adjustable time – also in combination with motion control hardware. Optionally, the camera can be operated in Bulb mode (Astro photography) for timelapse and single exposures. All lights on the can be switched off – essential for shooting in darkness. Default values ​​for interval, number of shots etc. can be saved in the settings of the LRT Pro Timer.

The integrated Real Time Clock allows for timed recordings and periodic shooting at specific time spans each day. It features a small and lightweight case, which can be attached directly to the hot shoe of the camera at two different angles or with corresponding eyelets to the tripod. A standard camera release cable is not included, it has to be purchased separately if required. Get a suited cable for example on Amazon.

Compared to its predecessor, the LRT Pro Timer 2.5, version 3 offers a bigger display (twice the resolution, nearly 3 times the size), a high precision optical glass cover to protect the display, a slick aluminum knob for more precise rotation and tactile indicators for camera port numbers on the housing.

The LRT Pro Timer 2.5 works with any camera for which there is a standard release cable (DSLR / DSLM, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Leica and many others).

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⚫︎ CE conformity certified.

⚫︎ Processor: ATSAMD21 Cortex M0.

⚫︎ 128×64 pixel black and white OLED display shielded with a precision optical glass cover.

⚫︎ Built in 500mAh LiPo battery (can be upgraded to 800mAh by the user), chargeable via micro-usb.

⚫︎ Battery Powered (CR1220 Button Cell) Real-Time Clock.

⚫︎ 2 Camera Ports with standardized 2.5mm TRS female jacks.

⚫︎ 2 hot shoe sockets on the case for mounting directly on the camera.

⚫︎ 2 eyelets on the case to pass a cord or velcro strap through for fixing on a tripod.

⚫︎ Tested temperature span: -20°C – +40°C – don’t leave the timer exposed in a car in direct sunlight. In very cold conditions, best keep the LRT PRO Timer inside a backpack in order to not drain or damage the battery due to the cold.

⚫︎ Intervals from 0.3 secs* – 120 min (could be increased via firmware update, if necessary)

⚫︎ Interval step: 0.1 secs for intervals < 30 secs, 0.5 secs for intervals < 1 min, 1 sec for intervals > 1 min, 10 secs. for intervals > 2 min, 30 secs for intervals > 5 min, 1 min for intervals > 10 min (could be changed via firmware update, if necessary). In Custom TL mode you can dial in any interval in 0.1 or even 0.01 steps.

⚫︎ Number of shots: 1 to unlimited

⚫︎ Single Exposure Bulb-Time up to 24 hours, timelapse bulb time max as long as (interval-1 sec).

⚫︎ Operation time with the battery fully charged ca. 24h, 21,000 camera releases (interval: 4 seconds, display turned on).

⚫︎ Firmware Updates via UF2 files which can be just dropped on a drive, which will be mounted after connecting the timer to a computer (PC or Mac).

⚫︎ While the optical glass cover of the LRT Pro Timer 3.0 provides a good protection, the LRT Pro Timer is still not waterproof. Please do not operate in Rain or expose the device directly to water.

⚫︎ Size (incl. Rotator): 83 x 43 x 29 mm

⚫︎ Weight (incl. battery): 67g

⚫︎ Size of packaging: 135 x 89 x 35 mm

⚫︎ Weight incl. packaging: 107g

*) For cameras which do not require the AF signal to be sent before the shutter release. By default, the minimum shutter time will be calculated as (Shutter_Release_Time + AF_Time + 50ms) rounded up to the next 100ms. By default, it’s 0.4 secs. For cameras which do not require an AF-Signal to be sent before the release, you can set the AF-Time to 0 in the settings, then the minimum interval will be 0.3 secs. Please note, that most cameras won’t be able to shoot such short intervals.
Attention: Li-Ion battery is installed; camera connection cables are NOT included!
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