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Taiwan travels

Last week in Japan was Obon, a rare time where companies close for a few days and people can get vacation time. So myself and Trevor were quick to capitalise on the downtime, each taking the time to get away with the families. Trevor to Hong kong (I’m sure he’ll write a post about that at some point) and myself and the family escaped to Taiwan.

Hot, sweaty, rainy, glorious Taiwan.

This time my main goal wasn’t to shoot content, but to relax with my family and friends. However I did manage to fit one small shoot it on the Sunday with a local model, Dave Lin, whom I found through model mayhem (profile number #3817241).


We didn’t have a long time together but it was lot of fun.

I didn’t take any speedlites with me as I was trying to travel light, but luckily I did take a reflector which came in handy for helping to balance light and to use as a make shift shade. When we shot the sun was very high in the sky and the shadows were harsh so having a way to at least control the light on Dave was really useful and it didn’t take up much space in my bag.


Here’s a couple of pics from the day.

Tdub photo taiwan





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