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December 9, 2015

So a few rock climbers came down to Okayama to take a shot at Karachi. An unforgiving climbing route that only a handful of people(7 to be exact) have been able to climb. We were asked to document it and of course we jumped at the chance.


The plan was to suspend Trevor above the wall so he could photograph from above and close to the overhang section of Karachi. To do this he had to use an ascender to climb up a single rope. Once at optimum height he would attach a second anchor rope to stop him from spinning or give him the ability to move around a bit.

This is not so difficult. This is not so difficult.

Apparently it is tiring work going up a rope!

It was much harder work than anticipated! It was much harder work than anticipated!


Jon looks very comfortable on terra firma! Jon looks very comfortable on terra firma!


All ready for shooting! All ready for shooting!


This mess of gear keeps Trevor safe This mess of gear keeps Trevor safe
Selfie time. Selfie time.


Dang that's high. Dang that’s high.


Daisuke Konishi crushin' Daisuke Konishi crushin’


Hide Ito doing his thing. Hide Ito doing his thing.

We look forward to posting some of the shots we got this day! Too many exciting things going right now!

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European Energy Label Commission

It is a great pleasure to announce this news. In the fall we were contacted by the European Energy Bureau about creating some custom light painting images to go with the release of the new European energy label. It proved to be a really fun project and you can see some of how they were used here. The press release for the new energy symbol is here.
First up was to make some light painting tool that would create something similar to the energy symbol the European Energy Bureau uses to grade various products on their energy efficiency.
We started with color matching the symbol

A 110 volt AC powered LED bar was used as the base light

The set up was powered with a portable lithium battery

A stencil was needed to create the arrow shapes in the energy symbol

The finished set up looking pretty crappy but it certainly did the job

Shooting various patterns on black would give ideal elements for them to overlay other photos.

As well as the above designs we created a variety of headers and banner images for their various SNS channels and website.

All in all a very fun project that we are proud to be a part of. For those who missed the links at the top of the article you can see  how they were used here.  The press release for the new energy symbol is here.
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Check out the event report from the recent Tokyo iStockalypse!

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iStock Event in Okayama


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LED Lenser makes the finest handheld torches on the planet. They have kindly supported what we do and have been a vital partner of ours. We have been using their lights since 2008 and are proud to be working closely with them.

We’ve been using DJI equipment professionally now since 2013, so we’re super excited to be working alongside them now to produce content. DJI make a range of drones and camera stabilizers that take our work to a higher level, both figuratively and literally.


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