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December 29, 2014

Sunday, December 27th PLAYHARD 2014 Bouldering Session took place in Kurashiki, Japan. The event was appropriately named as all competitors sure played hard. Competitors came from near and far to pit their bouldering skills against each other and tdubphoto was on hand to catch the action.

Here are a few of our favorite shot with a full gallery at the bottom of the post.










The shots above were lit only using LED Lenser torches. For the finals the lights were shut off and the climbers were spot lit with handheld torches from LED Lenser to add a little drama.

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LED Lenser makes the finest handheld torches on the planet. They have kindly supported what we do and have been a vital partner of ours. We have been using their lights since 2008 and are proud to be working closely with them.

We’ve been using DJI equipment professionally now since 2013, so we’re super excited to be working alongside them now to produce content. DJI make a range of drones and camera stabilizers that take our work to a higher level, both figuratively and literally.


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