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iStock Event in Okayama

February 10, 2017

この度、市内中心部のピギー貸会議室にて 、ストックフォトやストックビデオに興味のあるフォトグラファーを対象としたセミナー&実践撮影会を開催する運びとなりました。どのような写真やビデオがストックとしてふさわしいのか、プロストッカーから撮影方法や生のアドバイスを得られるチャンスです。

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日時:2017年3月12日(日) (雨天決行)

by 小林正明/ ゲッティイメージズ・シニアアートディレクター

by トレバー・ウィリアムズ/フォトグラファー

11:30 〜ビデオセミナー「ストックビデオも始めよう」
by ジョナサン・ガリオニ/ビデオグラファー


場所:ピギー貸会議室 ルームC+D (岡山電気軌道柳川停留所前)
住所:岡山市北区磨屋町2-5 安田岡山磨屋町ビル3F



When:March 12, Sunday  from  9:30 – 17:00  (doors open from 8:45)

9:30~ Welcome to iStock  by Masaaki Kobayashi /Getty Images Senior Art Director

This world class art director will show current and predicted global image trends and introduce iStock. He will also cover how to get signed up and offer advice to help get your images selling quickly.

11:00~ Become a Pro Stock Shooter  by Trevor Williams/Photographer

Get top advice from a pro stock photographer. Learn what is selling and what is not. He will share some of his tricks to get your images selling. This will motivate you to up your game!

11:30〜Starting Stock Video  by Jonathan Galione/Videographer

Stock video sales are rising globally at a rapid rate. The future is video and the time is now to get started on producing stock video. Learn basic settings as well as how to get them online and selling.

12:00~Location Shooting
Here is a chance to practice what you have learned in the morning and shoot some great content to fill up your new account with. Teachers will be on hand to guide you through the photo shoots which include a share office, studio, green space, and more

Location:ピギー貸会議室 ルームC+D (岡山電気軌道柳川停留所前)
Address:岡山市北区磨屋町2-5 安田岡山磨屋町ビル3F

*Coin parking is available in the surrounding area.

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